Okay, We Need to Talk About Christian Nationalists

They’re fascist, effective, and they’re winning.

Ellis Brooks


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Have you noticed the wave of book bans sweeping across the country? Or the draconian laws targeting trans youth, same-sex relationships, and reproductive healthcare?

Have you noticed the steady eradication of sex education from school curricula? The erosion of science? The erasure of history? The spontaneous pearl-clutching over critical race theory?

It’s because the Republican party has been taken over by Christian Nationalists, and while Republicans once believed in democracy, Christian Nationalists do not. We need to stop pretending that they do.

Christian Nationalists want to reshape the country into an authoritarian state that reflects their white supremacist worldview. They’re Christian the way the Ku Klux Klan is Christian, so their version of Christianity is one that has been bent into the shape of fascism.

Christian Nationalism promotes a white, heterosexual, male-dominant, rigidly patriarchal power structure with a fixation on sexual purity. I’m mentioning their obsession with sexual purity because they use it as a weapon to exclude, condemn, and punish those they don’t approve of.

For example, you’ve probably noticed that Republicans have been bringing up pedophiles a lot lately. This is because in order to punish the targets of their bigotry they like to first present them as a sexual threat.

Sex education, LGBTQ rights, trans identity, and bodily autonomy are all sexualized to the point of caricature and then positioned as a threat to children in order to justify draconian legislation designed to punish marginalized identities.

Here’s an example of that moral panic in action:

Why are we sexualizing our precious children?” a Katy parent said at a November school board meeting after she suggested that books about LGBTQ relationships are causing children to improperly question their gender identities and sexual orientations. “Why are our libraries filled with pornography?”

That’s from an article on unprecedented book banning in Texas. Representation of marginalized identities is being treated as a sexual threat to…



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