Ellis Brooks

Hello there.

I’m not sure how to introduce myself, so I’ll start with this: My area of expertise is the history of art and culture. Academically and professionally, that's generally my lane.

But I'm also a sex-positive feminist with a substantial background in sex work, and while this information isn't typically relevant, there's a chance I'll write from that perspective.

(Whenever I encounter anti-sex-worker rhetoric, I start hissing like an angry opossum.)

When I wrote this, I broke a few of my personal rules: (1) never let those two worlds collide and (2) never talk about myself. But I think by breaking the seal on my self-imposed silence on a number of issues, it triggered a desire to reflect on things I’d never considered writing about before.

I don't know what that means just yet.

I hope that whatever it is, it’s interesting.

In an age where publications everywhere are struggling—as well as the publishing industry as a whole—I appreciate that this platform exists. If you join Medium using this link, you’ll support my writing and have my eternal gratitude.

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Contact: ellisbellbrooks@gmail.com

Image: European Roller (Caracius garrulis) from the Svenska Fåglar (Swedish birds) illustrations by Magnus and Wilhelm von Wright (1828).

Top: Water pipi (Anthus spinoletta rupestris)

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Ellis Brooks

Ellis Brooks

Writer. Historian. Supremely sex-positive and pseudonymous. she/her