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The rhetoric is that sex workers need to be saved from exploitation. But sex work is precisely what protected me from it.

Photo by egorrr via DepositPhotos

Editor’s Note: This Medium Writers Challenge entry was added to Human Parts on October 20th, 2021.

The job was a one-year teaching position at a private university. Not tenure-track or anything, but good. Jobs were increasingly rare in my field so competition was going to be stiff, and since I…

Catharine MacKinnon continues to work tirelessly to ensure you don’t mistake sex workers for actual human beings.

I wanted to go with Barbara Kruger’s ‘Untitled (Know nothing, Believe anything, Forget everything)’ (1987) but it’s under copyright, so here’s a picture of a woman eyeing you suspiciously as she eats a sandwich. Licensed from DepositPhotos.

When I was fifteen years old, I got really into guerilla art. I designed posters and flyers, ran a bunch of copies at Kinko’s, and pasted them up on walls when nobody was looking. …

Yes, I’m vaccinated. Thank god for modern science.

A photo of a syringe might be more appropriate, but because I’m a fainter I’m going with a photo of a dark Brahma chicken by Noah Kalina, with his permission.

It might have started with fatigue. Or body aches. Or maybe a little rawness in my throat which, weirdly, lasted for about an hour before fading. …

Ellis Brooks

Writer. Historian. Harlot. Supremely sex positive and pseudonymous.

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